About Us

About Us


Nansey Cardone - Proprietor of Love Letters

I am a creator.  It is in my nature and really who I am.  We moved to Cape Charles a quiet quaint small town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. And I soon realized both I, as well as the town, needed a little something new - New, Personal, and Unique.

Love Letters started as a shop full of soft cuddly fabrics and blankets to be monogrammed. Needing additional items to be monogrammed we introduced our Scout Bag collection.  As time went on I quickly realized after many inquires from visitors and patrons that there was a need and desire for baby clothes - add Ruffle Butts. Before you know it Scout (our beautiful white golden puppy) “Mascot” if you will arrived and that lead to the creation of “Dog World”. Deciding that the Moms of our 2 and 4 legged babies needed something as well……hence the creation of A Beautiful Boutique filled with unique clothing and accessories that will please any discriminant buyer.  

Who knows what will be next but we cant wait to see here at Love letters